Signing in to Spatial Portal (Access to Restricted services)

To access the Restricted imagery and elevation services you need to Sign In to Spatial Portal. This can be done directly in Spatial Portal, the REST endpoint or a GIS software package (e.g. ArcGIS Pro, MapInfo, QGIS).

Please note users are required to set a portal connection using the appropriate instructions prior to opening a session in or

SISP Users - ESRI Software

Regardless of being an ESRI or non-ESRI user, a personal QGov account or a built-in named user account is needed for external individual users (non-LANDS network). Once your account is created, you will also need to be added as a member of your organisation’s security Group in the Spatial Portal environment.

Account Registration

To Register for a new account for yourself, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Spatial Portal website (

  2. Click “Sign In” and select “Single Sign-On (myGovID, QGov login, Qld. Government agencies, etc.)”


  3. Choose a registration option:



    1. The “Microsoft 365” option supports single sign-on (SSO) for Queensland Government agencies using Tell Us Once (TUO). No further steps are required, as SSO accounts are automatically configured with access to restricted services.

    2. The “QGov” option is best for all other users, including councils and government-owned corporations.

  4. If registering for a “QGov” login, use your organisation's email address (e.g. and a password of your choosing. Follow any other steps to register your account.


  5. Once logged into Spatial Portal, click on your user profile (top-right corner) and then click on the link for “My Profile”. Edit the first and last name fields (click on the pencil icon), and take note of your GUID number (e.g. 1a2b3c4d_5e6f_7g8h_9i0j_1k2l3m4n5o6p).


  6. With these details, raise a support request in the Queensland Spatial Help Centre, including your GUID, first name, last name, email address, and organisation. Using these details, your account will be added to the relevant Spatial Portal security group for your organisation.

After you’ve been added to your organisation’s security group, you will be able to use the restricted services in ESRI software, including ArcGIS Pro. For further details, please see these pages:

Please note, in ArcGIS Pro 2.6.x/2.7.x there is a bug with external QGov user account Sign In where, even though you have signed in successfully into the Spatial Portal in ArcGIS Pro, it indicates that you are not signed in, without giving any error messages.
There are the following work-around options:

  • use an earlier version of ArcGIS Pro

  • upgrade to ArcGIS Pro 2.8.x (using Sign In using Browserlink in the ‘Sign in to Spatial Portal with’ window)

  • if you can only use ArcGIS Pro 2.7.x use please contact support to have your existing ‘QGov account’ sign-in (using GUID number) converted into a ‘built-in named’ or ‘system account’ or have a brand new account set up.

Bulk Requests

If your Organisation has many users, registering for individual QGov user accounts may not be practical. Please raise a support request in the Queensland Spatial Help Centre to discuss bulk registration options.

SISP Users - Non-ESRI Software

A Spatial Portal built-in (named or system) user account is needed for all internal or external users of non-ESRI (Pitney Bowes - MapInfo, QGIS, etc.) GIS software to get access to the Restricted WMS, WMTS and WCS services. Please add the Basic Authentication ‘auth-‘ prefix to the REST endpoint WMS/WMTS/WCS URL.

  • For external users - for a built-in named user account you have two options:

    • Register yourself in the Spatial Portal first by following the steps in the section above, and take note of the GUID number from your Profile. Then contact support giving the GUID number to have a built-in named user account created and have it added to your organisation’s security group by our Management Solutions team.

    • Contact support directly to have built-in named user account created and have it added to your organisation’s security group.

  • For internal users - you can contact support with your existing GUID from your SSO sign-in, to have a built-in named user account added to your organisation’s security group.

After which you will be notified via email with your new credentials and can sign into Spatial Portal via ArcGIS login and QGov Account:

In all cases when contacting support for a built-in user account, please include a business case and reason as to why you cannot use ESRI software.

SISP Users - Systems and Web Applications (Built-in System or Proxy User Account)

Another requirement is to ascertain whether your organisation’s systems administrator needs a login to access Restricted services via ESRI (i.e. Portal for ArcGIS) or Non_ESRI custom-build systems and web applications (i.e. Geocortex). In this case your organisation needs a built-in system or proxy user account. Please refer to the SISP enquiry form on the left hand side panel for access and further assistance setting this up.

Windows Server Application Proxy Setup

To authenticate an application, such as Geocortex, using a Spatial Portal built-in proxy user account via the proxy on a Windows Server please note that the ESRI resource-proxy is no longer recommended, since it is no longer being maintained. Instead configure your security settings in your ArcGIS Entreprise Portal. Leverage the Portal proxy capabilities by configuring specific secured rest endpoints in Portal and storing the user credentials. Unfortunately you cannot leverage the Basemap tile_cached services to request the data in a Projected GDA Zones as the tile_cached services are in web Mercator. Geocortex automatically detects the tile_cached services as a “ArcGISTiledMapService” rather than a “ArcGISDynamicMapService” which cannot be overridden. Therefore create the portal proxy items for the dynamic image and elevation services only in order to consume them in Geocortex.