GDA2020 in ArcGIS Pro

Consuming Imagery and Elevation services in GDA2020

ArcGIS users can consume Imagery and Elevation services in GDA2020 by running an on the fly projection. An on-the-fly projection will not change the underlying data in any way, it merely displays the data in a new coordinate reference system (CRS) temporarily. These projections ensure that data aligns and draws in the desired map’s CRS, even though if it may be stored differently. 

Please see the section of this document for more information and workflow diagrams on Coordinate Systems, and how the GDA2020 transformation is enabled in the Department of Resources Imagery and Elevation Web Services.

As an ArcGIS Pro user you can run on the fly transformations to consume services in GDA2020. You simply need to add the desired service to your map, set a Geographic or Projected GDA2020 Coordinate System, and a GDA 1994 To WGS 1984 + GDA 1994 To GDA2020 NTv2 3 Conformal transformation in the Map properties.

For example, in ArcGIS Pro if you want to consume an imagery service in GDA2020 you can use the follow steps:


Add service to a new map session.

Check the current Map Properties and the transformations that are being applied – In the example below the current XY is WGS1984 Web Mercator (auxiliary sphere) and there are no transformations being applied

In Map properties select your desired GDA2020 Geographic or Projected Coordinate System, and check the transformation to be applied