PlanetLabs Basemap in ArcMap

Other than using Planet Explorer to view the Planet basemaps, Planet users can also consume the basemap WMTS service directly ArcMap. Planet also have their own general reference documentation, but in this section a quick summary for ArcMap.

The API key for the WMTS services connection is contained withing the URL:{api-key}

Replace {api-key} with your own Planet API key. This can be found by going to Planet Explorer > My Account profile


And copying the API key via this button:

The URL should end up looking something like this:

Please be aware that the API key expires after a couple of months and you need to add a new API key you’re your Planet account profile.


In ArcMap in the Catalog pane under GIS Servers double click on Add WMTS Server and click Get Layers

The Global Monthly and the Latest basemaps, which will be updated automatically, can be added to ArcMap:

  • Latest Monthly Mosaic – this is the latest Planet imagery compiled for the last month over the Great Barrier Reef Catchments.

  • Latest Quarterly Mosaic – This is the latest Planet mosaic available over the whole of the state. There will only ever be two epochs of Planet imagery covering the whole state, the dates for these are to be set by Spatial Information. Currently available is a mosaic of quarter 3 2020.

  • Other layers shown at the WMTS endpoint will be superseded monthly/quarterly basemaps that Queensland Government users are permitted to access under the current contract.

Please note: the Great Barrier Reef catchment area is the coverage for the Latest Global Monthly under the Planet Queensland Government licensing agreement:

Planet access request form

QSat access request form - If multiple people require access a spreadsheet with details for all can be uploaded, that way only one form needs to be filled out.